Powder Coating

Famous Elements Studio is now your one stop shop for your powder coating needs in Georgia!  Give us a call at 470-FAMOUS-1 (470-326-6871) or email us at sales@famouselements.com and we can get started. 

Plasma cut sign (done in house) with a 2 tone powder coating
We can coat almost anything made of steel, stainless, or aluminum as long as it will fit in our 3' x 3' x 4' oven.  Need an intake, valve covers, brackets, cups, wheels, brake calipers, metal signs, etc coated?  We've got you covered!

Custom sign in bronze

For most things we price on a per-job basis depending on the condition of the part, the complexity, and the cost of the powder.  

For example:  A set of 20" aluminum wheels (brought to us with the tires off) in good condition will typically run $500 per set for a single color.  

Land Rover Wheels Powder Coated in Satin Black
Intakes are generally $125-150.

Volkswagon intake in satin black

Tumblers are $20 for colors we have in our in stock colors (these vary but we usually have an assortment of metallics, gold, bronze, red, purple, green, bright yellow and a host of blacks in various finishes) or we can order any of over 3k different colors from one of our suppliers (typically this adds $15-20).  If you'd like a masked cup that is an additional $10 (like a logo over the base stainless steel).  

Yeti-style cup in Illusion Purple

At this time we do not offer tire removal/mounting/balancing but we work with some local shops that can do that for you.  If you don't have a way to transport your wheels or put your car on jackstands while we do the entire set (and we do prefer to do them all at once so the powder is consistent in color) you can drop your car off with us for a day and we'll take the wheels off, take them to one of our trusted local shops, do our magic, take them back to the tire shop, and put them back on for you (for an additional fee, historically this works out to about $150 extra dollars in labor for us and the tire shop but that does vary.  We cannot be responsible for the work the tire shop does but we will do our best to ensure they do great work. Please see our FAQ page for more details).

Whatever you bring us must be able to tolerate being sand blasted and baked for 45 minutes at 450 degrees.  When in doubt just ask us and we'll probably know. 

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions regarding our work and warranty.

Give us a call at 470-FAMOUS-1 (470-326-6871) or email us at sales@famouselements.com