A Message From Our Team - Huge Sale On EVERYTHING!

A message from our team.

Like everyone else the last year has been hard on us as a shop but we did take the opportunities presented to invest in our tooling and capabilities.  Many great shops were not as fortunate as we have been and we've been able to weather the uncertainty and survive. 

The plus side is that we have expanded what we can do and we are one of the few shops that can combine custom metal art with wooden art.  Our business was built around the idea that collaboration between our team and our customers would let us create some incredible unique pieces that bring the joy of someone seeing their idea come to life and the satisfaction of making something that makes a customer happy.  

The downside is that tools, shops, and materials cost money.  

With all of that said we are running a spring sale on literally everything we make! 

It's taken some time to learn the capabilities of the new equipment and the upgrades so we've been quietly making progress on personal (read:  making lots of accidental scrap) projects.   We are now ready to offer our services again with the attention to detail, creativity, and obsession that we're known for.  As you poke around our new site please know that it is a continuous work in progress since historically everything we've made has been a one-off for a customer and making repeatable and customized items is a somewhat new way for us to operate.  

We don't have everything we can do on the site so if you have an idea and you'd like to discuss it please drop us a line at sales@famouselementsstudio.com and we can make you something incredible.  

Wishing you a great 2021!

Famous Elements Studio